Design in the ‘Real’ World

As the second week of school comes to a close, and we begin to get back into the routine of the school year, it seems appropriate to look back at how some of my classmates spent their summer. Students from the Sam Fox School were all around the globe, pursuing interests in art, architecture and […]

What’s Going on at Sam Fox this Summer?

As spring turns to summer and students leave campus for internships, coursework and vacations, an entirely different population enters Washington University. Over the summer, the school plays host to a wide variety of programs and conferences, ranging from sports camps and performing arts teams to incoming freshmen and prospective students. Life at WashU never stops. […]

Reflecting on the Past, Looking toward the Future: #WUSTL15

“You are joining a movement that must be dedicated above all else — above career and personal advancement — to the preservation of this country’s most enduring ideals. You have to learn, and then re-teach the rest of us, that equality, real equality, is the hallmark and birthright of all Americans.” – Ken Burns to […]

Ferguson FOCUS Series: Design meets Activism

The events following Michael Brown’s shooting death on August 9, 2014, revealed deep divisions within the St. Louis area. The name “Ferguson” has become shorthand for the many problems and conflicts endemic to urban and suburban communities, not only in the St. Louis region but across our country. In order to facilitate a space for […]

What are we doing for Spring Break?

Today officially marks the last day of Spring Break for Washington University. While some students are returning from tropical getaways in the Caribbean, others spent time exploring St. Louis (and rediscovering an appropriate sleep schedule). Despite Selena Gomez’s depiction of this notorious holiday in Spring Breakers, many students spend their break pursuing academic interests, volunteering […]

the Arts, the City, the Selfie

  I have to start off with showing you where I am:     Having an emergency exit row to one’s self is a blessing you’ll cherish forever- much like when Martha Stewart spilled some spinach dip on me. But I’m not here to tell you about my best memories; I’m here to talk to […]

A Poem for the New Year

Happy Holidays! Something about this time of year makes me feel as though I can write poetry (maybe it’s the joyous atmosphere, maybe it’s the eggnog). Whatever it is, I wanted to share one with all of you- one with a message that you ought read. Enjoy! As we near the end of Winter Break, […]

Workshops at the Sam Fox School

You will never be bored as a student at WashU- the amount of programming put on by student groups and faculty ensure that you will always have something to do. Recently, I took part in the Informal Cities Workshop, a weekend design charrette exercise for student teams, who helped frame an understanding of the forces shaping informal settlements […]

By Name and Story

Hello all! We have another new student giving advice this week. I want to share with you the voices of students at WashU. There is a popular motto at WashU: “to know students by name and by story.” Over the next few weeks, I will be featuring brief snippets of the stories of my peers with their advice for […]

This Week on “Architecture 311”

It’s a running joke in the School of Architecture that being in studio is a bit like being on “Project Runway”- we spend hours making (hopefully) beautiful projects, we bring in renowned guest critics that, at times, like to hear themselves talk, and we have professors that tell us to “make it work” the night before […]

A Classic Monday Night

Many of you may question my decision to study architecture. Long nights and intense projects certainly aren’t for everyone. But I have finally found the crux of why I am in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts… Free Food. Yes, I know you now want to run to your application and erase […]

A Tale of Three Architects

In celebration of the official beginning of summer, I thought I’d share the adventures of three architecture students in the class of 2016. Despite what some may think, architecture students have interests that span from urban planning to poetry. Summer break provides an excellent opportunity to explore these interests through internships, research, taking classes and/or sleeping. WashU […]

What I’ve Learned at WashU

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I just completed half of my WashU career. In high school, I had a pretty good idea of why I wanted to get a college education: make connections, get a good job and have some fun. I only focused on the outcomes and never really considered what […]

For the Indecisive.

If you’re anything like I am, you wait until the last possible moment to do everything. You submit your essays at 11:59. You RSVP on your way to events. You’ll submit your college enrollment on May 1st. Now, if you’ve already decided to join us here at Washington University, congratulations- you just made one of the […]

Learning from the Experts

Happy March! Right when we thought we were heading into Spring, a fresh blanket of snow fell in St. Louis. Normally I’d be complaining, but a sunny day on the snowy Danforth Campus is beyond beautiful. As we enter a new month, I think back on the classroom experiences I had in February. One particular […]

A Publication for Every Student

Hello all! I want to tell you about a few of our student-run publications we have at WashU. Now I’m not talking about the magazines you see at the Doctor’s office and pretend to read so that you appear sophisticated (when in reality, you want to go play with the blocks). I’m talking about fascinating, […]

When the Going Gets Rough

Let’s face it- every once in a while during your time at WashU, you’ll get sick. It’s an unfortunate reality of life, but one we must deal with. Luckily for you (and your worried parents), I’m here to present a small selection of the many resources WUSTL has to keep you healthy and successful. As you […]

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

Ah, the joys of airports. As you begin (or continue) to visit colleges, you will quickly realize that airports are astronomically different throughout the country. Well, I’m here to tell you that St. Louis’s airport is likely my favorite in the world. Here’s why: 1. In the Beginning, there is Free. No one really enjoys […]