February: The Month of Love & Major Declarations

It is only natural that I’m very into Valentine’s Day. Twenty-four hours dedicated to mediocre boxed-chocolate and cheesy cards with declarations of love? Right up my alley.  I wish all declarations came in heart-shaped paper, accompanied by a rose and cherry-filled truffles. Although I’m sure my advisor would appreciate a nice card and a sleeve […]

Thanksgiving Dinner… with a Side of Crisis

I can almost taste the mashed potatoes on my tongue, soft and buttery, a spoonful I want to curl up and fall asleep on. My dreams are filled with heaping plates of mac n’ cheese, and my head is filled with google-searched recipes of caramel apple cheesecake. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So what?

The Classifications of my Sophomore Year

Hello, my loyal followers! I have missed you all, dearly. I truly apologize for slacking on my blog posts- apparently, the beginning of sophomore year is *very* busy. Here are some titles that would be fitting for my first month of school:  Over-Caffeinated and Low on Meal Points; Was the Bottomless Mug a Mistake? The […]

Here’s to My Second First Day!

Two suitcases that are definitely over the 50lb flying limit, one massive Target order, a few loads of laundry, and one smaller Target order for the items I forgot initially (yes Dad, I need it), and I am officially ready for my sophomore year! Here I come Wash U; put ‘em up for Round 2.  […]

Callie’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Note: I am focusing on the non-academic side of finals. I could give you a billion tips on how to study, but I am still recovering from the week of testing (not to be dramatic or anything.)

One Semester Down… Seven to Go!

Now that I have survived my first semester of college (and with meal points to spare!), it seems like I am due for a short reflection on the academic shift from high school to college. There are numerous aspects of college that are drastically different, but I want to focus on arguably the most important part of school: the classes.

My First Trip Home: A List

Warning: at least half of what I wrote is about the food I ate over break.

Gateway to the West of My Life

Welcome to my first post! I apologize in advance for the bad puns.