Harambee: In Search of Lifelong Friends

I know that the day I decided to get wholeheartedly involved in the things the WashU community offers is the day when I truly began to find my people.

The Campus Y

I know that service has been a way to focus on things other than academics and really get involved with the St. Louis community. Service has made St. Louis my home in ways that I did not think possible before I began college.

A Day in the Life

I am a person that loves routine during the week. The routine I keep helps me stay on track academically but also prioritizes self-care. It all starts for me with registering for classes.

My First Apartment: Cooking Edition

I am living in an apartment for the first time in my life. In the fall, I will be living in a WashU owned off-campus apartment so this summer will be good practice. Living in an apartment has come with different responsibilities like paying rent and utilities, but the most challenging aspect, to me, is cooking for myself.
If you have any suggestions let me know. Please help me.

About Me

Now that we have covered all of the basics, I will tell you what is really important about me. I LOVE FOOD.