Ice cream sandwich at Baked Bear

The Baked Bear

Picture this: you’ve finished your homework for the day and are craving a dessert and a nice walk. Within 20 minutes, you can be at your residential hall on the South 40 and walk all the way to Baked Bear on the Loop. Their specialties are design-your-own ice cream sandwiches.

Step 1: Whether you choose a brownie to any cookie flavor you could imagine from a classic chocolate chip to peanut butter nutella to funfetti (even vegan/gluten free options!), the options to sandwich your ice cream in are endless.

Step 2: the ice cream! With over 10 choices for ice cream flavors, everyone is bound to find a unique flavor they will love.

Step 3: If the ice cream sandwich itself was not enough, there are an abundance of topping options for you to pick!

Step 4: Last but not least, to complete this experience, you can have your sandwich warmed up so the cookies are gooey and the ice cream is the perfect level of melt! 


  • Vegetarian/vegan options: Yes (limited) 
  • Accessibility to campus: 10 minute walk
  • Price: Moderate
  • Green Dining Alliance score: N/A
  • Does it accept Bear Bucks? No
  • Does it participate with GiftAMeal? No