Finally: A Letter to Senior Year


I feel like I’m living in the future even writing this. It feels like it was yesterday that I was applying for colleges aimlessly, worried about what would become of me after high school, and unsure of what the next steps were. With the pandemic interruption, that time seemed to slip by even faster. WashU was my first choice; I applied Early Decision and was absolutely in love with the possibilities. I felt drawn to this university and it quickly became my dream to attend college here. As a senior that’s seen so many sides of WashU with some stones still left unturned, I can confidently say I made the right choice.

WashU isn’t the perfect place for everyone, but being here has taught me so much. I’ve met lifelong friends, had horrible experiences with important lessons, support from faculty, and learned everything I know about myself while being here. Of course, I have some regrets, but a lot of them are because I didn’t enjoy WashU enough. I’ve come to terms with my regrets of the past, and now I will learn from them and am so grateful for them.

So, this is my letter to senior year. Specifically mine, because everyone’s experience is different. I have hopes and dreams, but most importantly I have a goal. My goal for senior year is to have as much fun as I can before graduating on time. I’m on the fast track to the intended graduation date and the pressure is on, but I want to enjoy my last year at WashU as much as I can. I will do my best academically, but also listen to my heart and my brain when I need breaks or want to have fun. Senior year, I want to go out with a bang and leave WashU with a smile on my face.

College is NOT easy. Even if you excel academically, it’ll be hard socially, mentally, or emotionally. There’s so much more to university than just the academics. You work hard, but the¬†work is not in vain. Whether you go to an amazing grad school or pursue a doctorate– even if you don’t end up getting the degree you intended to or change your plans halfway–college is a time of self-development. Senior year is a celebration of you getting through some of the hardest years of your life. Only you can know how much university has changed you– both in the little ways and the big ways.

My senior year will be the last HUZZAH to my years in academic life. I have so many dreams and aspirations for the life that will come after this, so I want to close this chapter of my life happily, elegantly, and beautifully. I’m proud of myself for making it this far and even QUADRUPLY proud when I finally have my degree(s). I did it. And it doesn’t feel real sometimes. I DID IT!!! And I have never been more proud.

Here’s to the past 18 years that have lead up to this very moment and the future full of endless possibilities. Here I come senior year!!





Allana Thompson