All on My Own

Not Your Average Packing Advice 

So, you’ve made it. Congratulations! Even though there is still a good two months before the fall semester, as an incoming freshman, that first semester of your college journey is probably all you can think about right now (that’s all I did summer 2019 c:). For some, this is the first time you will be away from home for a long period of time, something that seems daunting. For others, this distance from home is something that you have been longing for. Whatever the case may be, it is important to create your own home while in college.

This is where the importance of packing comes along. I know how tempting it is to want to pack most of your stuff and bring it all to college. Sometimes, that’s not possible, especially if you live so far away from St. Louis. I’m from New York and I knew that was something I couldn’t afford to do. However, some may need to bring a lot of things depending on their individual situation. In that case, we should discuss storage solutions (stay tuned Spring 2022 for a blog on that!).

Anyways, while packing for your necessities, think about an item you want to bring in the fall that could give you some comfort in your living space. It could be anything. Ok, maybe not anything; here’s a list of items prohibited and allowed in the dorms. It could have sentimental value or not, it could be big or small, it could be a stuffed animal or a pencil sharpener. If you believe it will make your first experience living in a college dorm better, bring it.

I brought a microphone in the fall of my freshman year. Going into the fall of my junior year, I decided to leave my microphone home, but let’s see what my microphone meant to me. I bought this microphone in the beginning of high school because at the time I thought I could sing (lol). I made a lot of memories with the microphone recording and singing my own music. In junior year of high school, I stopped using my microphone frequently and I never used it during my two years here at WashU, yet it helped me feel at home. Each time I walked into my dorm freshman year and saw my microphone, I felt happy. And that’s what mattered the most to me.

What makes you happy?