Simon Hall

Simon Hall Study Buddy!

John E. Simon Hall

Located on Danforth Campus here at Wash U, John E. Simon Hall stands as one of the largest academic buildings with nearly 80,000 feet of workable space. While it houses many of the inner workings behind John M. Olin School of Business, I find non-business school students (like myself) use all the time, its many classrooms and study rooms, and even the beautiful little courtyard located within its walls. Truly, while Simon is the heart and soul of business here at Wash U, it’s anything but niche; easily accessible, it invites me to study within its confines at any given point in the day.

The moment I enter Simon, I realize I’ve found the place. I’ve found the place to study. Despite COVID opting out the Einsteins Bros. Bagels located on the first floor, I nonetheless find myself well equipped with food, as I stand face to face with the row of vending machine just around the corner. Some days, I’ll grab a bag of Ritz toasted chips, and that’ll do the job. Other days, when I’m feeling not as energetic, I’ll get a Monster as well–just to get me up to speed.

With snacks in hand, I descend the flight of stairs that take me to the lower level of Simon, where I find myself with… vastness. Vastness in space, in complete and utter silence, in almost a sense of timelessness. Here, I feel at ease, knowing fully well I’ll have all the time in the world to just get everything I need to get done, done.

Study Time

Let’s see. What do I have to get done? First, some physics. Physics 192 at Wash U has only just started for me, and yet I’m already finding myself with a ton of lectures to watch and a bunch of practice problems to get through. Without a doubt, it’ll take a couple hours to get through, but I’m up for the challenge!

Statistics is on my mind as well. As is Cell Bio. Fiction writing, I can get done tomorrow during studio time. As for Psychology of Empathy, I might want to take a look at the textbook to get a better overall picture of some of the concepts and definitions we covered in class today.

Apart from schoolwork though, it’s looking like I have some job/volunteer/TA applications to get through as well. I’ll be busy for the next several hours so I think I’m going to tune out for now.

Study with me though?