“TED Talk”- Encouraging Black Kids to Pursue Careers in STEM

As you may know, this past summer I interned with Abbott Laboratories, a medical devices company. They provided opportunities for interns to connect with each other while doing meaningful work. Abbott launched an activity for us to volunteer to make a 2-minute “TED Talk” on a topic that interests us. During this time, social justice issues and the Black Lives Matter movement were receiving lots of attention in the media. So, I decided to create a video about the importance of encouraging Black kids to pursue careers in STEM. In my video, I talk about how there is a lack of representation of Black people in STEM, which in turns causes Black children to think that the profession isn’t made for them. It’s important to me to be the best role model I can to motivate Black kids to see themselves in a science profession.

Please feel free to watch to learn more about this and how I do my part to make a difference! I felt honored to have won an Abbott Excellence Award for creating this video!