A Day in My Life with Online Classes

Online classes have naturally changed the way WashU students go about their days. Here’s a look at a day in my life during this strange semester!

9:30am: I bike from my apartment to campus. The route is so beautiful, as I get to pass the always bustling Delmar Loop and see the changing leaves on the trees lining the path to campus.

9:45am: I grab a coffee and a parfait from Whispers Cafe and find a quiet area to sit. If it’s nice out, I sit outside and people watch. On rainy days, I head to Holmes Lounge, one of the most beautiful rooms on campus. 

Holmes Lounge has great cubbies to keep us safe.

10am: Time for my first class of the day, a creative writing course. I log on to the Zoom and spend the next hour and a half discussing personal essays from writers like Joan Didion and David Foster Wallace and workshopping my own pieces.

11:30am: My next class is Environmental Issues. To be honest, I first chose this course to fulfill a science requirement, but it’s come to be one of my favorite classes. In just a few weeks, I’ve learned so much about climate change, ecosystems, and environmental justice.

1pm: Now it’s time for Quantitative Political Methods, a course for my Political Science major. It’s a really unique class, as we learn about how to conduct data science and statistical analysis for political studies. In the midst of the election, this class has taught me to think critically about all the polls and data I see in the news.

2pm: Time for lunch! I head to my new favorite spot, Stanley’s Sushi and Boba, which just opened this fall. My go-to order is a Rainbow Roll and Milk Tea. I meet up with a friend for a socially distant meal.

Rainbow roll and boba from Stanley’s.

3pm: Since I have a few hour break, I get some work done for the next day’s classes, like Screenwriting and Introduction to Computer Science. 

4:30pm: I bike back home and catch up with my roommate for a bit.

5pm: I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, so this semester I signed up for a piano class. That may seem strange, since it’s a remote semester, but the Music Department loaned all students a keyboard for free, which has made it so easy to practice every day. I even get to choose a song to learn for our final assignment. I’m currently debating between an ABBA and a Queen song. I just want to learn both!

6pm: My roommate and I cook dinner together. I had very little cooking experience before this semester, so it’s definitely been a learning curve, but I’ve been loving learning new recipes. 

We made dumplings a few nights ago!

7pm: After dinner, I have a meeting for Student Life newspaper. As the paper’s Multimedia Editor, I produce our weekly podcast, “Editor’s Note.”

8pm: My roommate and I are dessert freaks. We usually eat some of our many baked goods while watching an episode of Riverdale on Netflix.

9pm: I do some more homework and work on that week’s Editor’s Note episode.

11pm: I get ready for bed and watch some TV to relax. Right now I’m rewatching “The Good Place.” I’m truly upset that there won’t be any more seasons.

12am: I write in my journal and reflect on my day. This allows me to take a break from my computer, which is especially important during a mostly virtual semester. Then it’s time to call it a night!