My Friday Eating Schedule


Daily good eats is a privilege as a WashU student because your meal plan will grant you access to the delicious on-campus food options. In this blog post, I will narrate my perfect Friday of eating, illustrating how food items as simple as muffins to as complex as calamari will craft a WashU student’s eating experience!

During the second semester, I had only one class on Friday (Spanish at 9am), and I started my day early, going to the gym and getting ready before class started, and booking my way across campus to Spanish. After Spanish, I would go to Cherry Tree Cafe back on the South 40, and grab a muffin and an orange. I wouldn’t eat until a couple hours later for lunch, and I would go to Parkside Cafe in Schnuck Pavilion on the East End with my friends. There, I’d eat their delicious kale chicken caesar salad (arguably one of the best menu items), and maybe a side sandwich. After lunch, I would do my afternoon duties or pick up a friend’s shift at work (at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion), and wait until dinner with my friends.

Then, at around 5-6pm, my friends and I wonder if we should spend money and go out, or just save our money and use meal points. If we do decide to save our money, we hope that Ibby’s, the most incredible campus restaurant across the country located in the DUC at WashU, does not have a long waiting list for reservations (because they are usually packed!). Thankfully, Ibby’s is pretty open right now for reservations, so we make one, and we go to the DUC.

We finally sit down for Ibby’s, and the first thing I order is a pomegranate spritzer (so refreshing, so effervescent)! Next, my friends and I order the delicious Ibby’s Calamari and Miso Glazed Cauliflower as appetizers for the table. Choosing between the Steak and Frites or the burger special, I decide I am in a burger mood. This burger would probably have sauteed peppers and onions with cheddar on it, and it would be served with Ibby’s famous spicy garlic parmesan fries (with the garlic aioli). Am I full, yet? Kinda, but my friends and I can’t leave without ordering and sharing the Baked All Nighter, which is a coffee-flavored skillet cookie served with honey coffee ice cream and bubbly caramel sauce.

Wow, I feel so hungry and reminiscent writing this! I honestly am so excited to return to WashU, not only to see my friends, but have WashU’s delicious food act as a bridge to strengthen my campus friendships and relationships. If you come to WashU, you will definitely find healthy, indulgent food that will settle you into a great mood.