Best Nap Locations on Campus

Upon entering college, students are quick to learn how to utilize break times. Some students spend down time studying or time budgeting. However, others like myself take the time to breathe and recharge. My preferred form of recharge is taking naps!

Gaps in class schedules on main campus leave students with many options with where to spend their time. In this article I will be listing the best places to wind down and recharge between classes.

Disclaimer: This list only involves places on Main Campus rather than Medical Campus, North Campus, and the Music Center! Also, there are many other hidden gems on Main Campus as well, which I encourage you to also find!

Olin Library – Floor B

Top of my list would definitely be the Olin Library napping chairs on the bottom floor. This area is very satisfying to either take a good nap at or quietly get some work done with your feet up. There’s a limited number of spots in this area, so it’s like finding a four leaf clover if you can secure a spot. Primarily because of the frustration of not getting a spot, however, I give this area a 7/10.

Office of Scholar Programs (OSP)

The second napping place for me would definitely be the Office of Scholar Programs, which is in the basement of the Women’s Building. The OSP is home to the scholarship programs Ervin, Danforth, and Rodriguez. It’s a safe space for those, but the community is also welcoming to others as well.

I’m an Ervin scholar and when I find time between or after classes, I take a rest in the bustling yet comforting office. When waiting for a friend, they come right into the OSP to wake me up and go on our way. Because of the events held in the OSP and for scholar programs, there’s usually food and snacks as well.

The only thing that makes me give this spot a 9/10 is that it’s hard not to get distracted from a nap with food, friends, and fun!

Dorm Room!

With the Rona making on campus rooms all singles, this rating gets an extra boost in its rating. Whenever you have a larger gap in your schedule, getting lunch or a snack to take back to your dorm room to eat is very relaxing. After you finish indulging in your food, crawling into bed and taking a nap until your next class hits the spot.

Regretfully, the further you are from campus, the more inconvenient this nap spot is, but when you’re living on campus it’s super convenient! It’s a familiar and private place with guaranteed quiet and comfort. Overall, I’d give this nap spot a 9.5/10!

Danforth University Center (the DUC)

My last recommendation is almost a collection of possibilities in one. The Danforth University Center has many different places for students to relax and even nap within the building. Conveniently on main campus and also containing one of the many dining halls on campus, this nap spot also makes a wonderful place to get lunch, study with friends or on your lonesome, and kick back. With both quiet spots and also bustling areas to offer, I’d give the DUC an 8/10.


Overall, there are clearly many other hidden gems and spots on campus that could cater to your midday resting needs, but these are some of my personal favorites. I encourage you to explore Wash U while you’re on campus; find the places that resonate with you and make you feel cozy. With the memories you make while you’re discovering campus, you can make your undergraduate years memorable and fun!