Stories from a Senior: My Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Emily. I am a rising senior studying English Literature and Secondary Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m from Bedford, New Hampshire and for the past three years I’ve fondly referred to St. Louis as my “home away from home”. ¬†On campus, I love playing ultimate frisbee with my friends on WUWU, Washington University Women’s Ultimate club team. WashU has also fostered my interest in education inside and outside of the classroom. As a member of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, I’ve learned from and been inspired by countless passionate St. Louis educators. Additionally, I love to give WashU tours! I gladly accept any excuse to share our beautiful campus with others.

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that I’ll begin my fourth and final year at WashU this fall. I’m excited to reflect on my experiences through my WashU360 posts. I want to share my favorite places to explore in Forest Park and describe why JEM cookies are the best item to get at Cherry Tree Cafe. Additionally, I have more than a few thoughts on fun things to do downtown and I’d happily reveal some of my favorite spots to reflect and appreciate nature on campus. Finally, I hope to offer some advice to my former self (see the picture of me, circa 2017, below).

WashU offers so many opportunities for its students to engage in our vast community. Blogging is new to me but I’m really looking forward to getting involved!

Best regards,


My first day of college classes as a first year student.