My World at WashU Series: Introduction!

Hey, y’all!

My name is Marc. I am a first-year from Chicago, double majoring in African and African-American Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. At WashU. I am the publicity chair for Black Anthology, the secretary for Association of Black Students, the design chair for Pride Alliance, and intern at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, I have written a few articles for StudLife this year!

Throughout my first-year on campus, I was involved in a lot, and I did a lot. I wanted to be able to test out combining my passions for learning and organizing for affinity groups. Now that my first-year has ended, I have a better understanding of how to study the history of marginalized groups in the United States, and how organizing and social change intersects with the history. During my next three years at WashU, I cannot wait to hone in my focus and continuously research and advocate for causes that I care about. I look so forward to writing about my enriching academic first-year experiences via WashU360!

Besides my curricular and extracurricular involvement, my days at WashU are so niche yet so representative of WashU culture and traditions. I cannot wait to write and tell you all about my favorite foods at the WashU dining halls, food spots in St. Louis, events and talks that I have went to, a day in my life, and just life in general at a predominantly-white institution as a Black student! There is so much to learn about WashU, and I cannot wait to write about my own little within the university!

See y’all soon,

Marc 🙂