Living in Quadrangle and by the Loop

Believe it or not, one of my favorite things about being a WashU student is my housing! The dual-degree program has this awesome setup with Quadrangle housing, where some apartments are reserved specifically for dual degree engineering students. Since Quadrangle is owned by WashU, there are housing options even available for students who are not dual-degree too. So I decided to take advantage of this cool perk and rent an apartment by The Loop.

My Apartment

I love my apartment because of the convenience and amenities it has. It is off-campus, which is about a 25 minute walk or an 8 minute bike ride. I don’t mind the distance, because I’ve noticed that the walk is a nice, little exercise to start and end the day with. Plus, when it is a beautiful fall or spring day, walking through the flourished trees and colorful flowers is always breathtaking. The apartment is convenient because it comes fully furnished and utilities are included in the rent. So you don’t have to worry about buying furniture for the couple of years you’re there. The beds are also full sized, which is a nice upgrade from those standard twin-XL college dorm beds! Having the utilities included in rent makes it easy on me and my roommate because we don’t have to worry about dividing the cost. 

My apartment specifically comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a dishwasher, cable, wifi, a personal washing machine and dryer unit, a refrigerator, microwave, and more. That’s a package deal if you ask me! My roommate and I have made it very homey and pleasant to be in– I never get tired of my apartment! It’s very spacious, so we can have friends over and it not be too crowded. Here is another picture of our living space from a different angle than the cover picture. 

The Delmar Loop

The Loop is this long street consisting of a bunch of little shops, restaurants, and other fun activities. It has a trolley that people can ride in. Some of the main places I visit at The Loop are: United Provisions (a small grocery store, also known as UP), Starbucks, Insomnia Cookies, Blueberry Hill, and Pin-Up Bowl. UP is great because it’s within walking distance, so a car is not needed. It usually has just about everything you may need for a quick run to the grocery store. Pin-Up Bowl is a fun place to get a group of friends together for a bowling night! Blueberry Hill is also really fun for a night with friends because this place has fun games like darts and trivia. Here is a random short video of what The Loop looks like during the holidays!

Image obtained from here

Another place I think is really awesome that is on The Loop is The Pageant. The Pageant is a midsize live-music theater. It has a balcony and a dance floor, so you have the option to sit or stand. Many artists have concerts here and I’ve been to one! In December I saw Smino, an R&B rap artist, perform and it was awesome. I’m hoping another artist I like will perform here soon! 

Well, I think this about sums up what it’s like to live in Quadrangle Housing by The Delmar Loop!