From Me ( a Junior at Wash U) to You: An Introduction

A Bit About Me

Hey! Brian here. If you will, allow me to introduce myself. Yes–I’m currently a Junior at Wash U on the premed track. Yes– you might find me in the library more often than not. And yes– you’ll find me with a cup of coffee in hand at any given point in the day. After all, Wash U’s premed program is quite the rigorous one–albeit it’s more than doable. With discipline and work ethic, any premed student will find the academic experience here rewarding, fruitful, and–simply put–incredible.

But I’d be deceiving myself (and you) if I told you academics here is THE single thing that defines Wash U. In fact, I can confidently say it’s the life outside the classroom, that’s arguably the more rewarding and memorable counterpart. From breakfast with friends in the Bear’s Den to doing research at Wash U School of Medicine to leading dance practices at night–to doing so much more in between and throughout, these experiences make me feel at home.

The Beauty of Wash U

Something about the livelihood of the place–I keep thinking, and yet I keep concluding: it must be the people here. Ambitious and yet warm and friendly, the people here initiate and invite; we all love to make life on campus as fun and as interesting as possible. And it was because of this, that I felt empowered enough to create a renewed narrative for myself.

Freshman year, I found myself doing things I had never done before–things like doing research in a brain trauma lab, working part-time to make some money, joining organizations such as Liberty in North Korea and Asian Christian Fellowship, dancing as a member of PL4Y (a Kpop dance group on campus), and performing in the annual Spirit of Korea (SOK) showcase. Of course, I found myself keeping up with activities I had loved doing in high school; here, I continued taking viola lessons and playing in orchestra and chamber groups. But I think exploring and trying out new things with new people has been–at least from my experience–the greater catalyst for making some of the more beautiful and meaningful memories here at Wash U.

It’s to share these and continuing experiences, that I’m here. Ultimately, I wish to give you a glimpse of the liveliness and the adventure of life here in St. Louis as a Wash U student. So buckle up, as I can’t wait to take you on this journey!