Challenges I (Still!) Have as a Sophomore — Part I

Hey you!

When I was coming to college, I thought after my freshman year, I would finish the adjustment period and get accustomed to college life by the time I was a sophomore. However, there are many things I still struggle with as a sophomore! I decided to share with you five things I’m still learning to handle as a undergrad sophomore. This article are the first three things I’m learning how to handle as a sophomore here at Wash U.

  1. Socializing

Even though I’m a sophomore I still struggle with my social life as a whole. This includes (but is not limited to) making new friends and going to parties or social events. My freshman year I was very adamant and excited to talk to new people because I knew absolutely nobody, so I actively made some close friends and went to parties to socialize.

However, as time went on, I grew comfortable with the small group of friends I made and stopped making friends and going to parties. Now, I find myself sitting in my room or not leaving my suite on the weekends anymore. Especially since I live with my closest friends!

Even though I did make friends, I find it hard to talk to others and make friends with either the under or upperclassmen because it’s not an orientation period anymore. I feel very self conscious putting myself out there and mingling with new people because I’m not a freshman anymore.

  1. The Wash U Bubble

Since I live on campus and go to class on campus as well, I spend a lot of time doing my homework and studying…on campus. Even though I never intended it, I spend all my time on campus and the only time I leave campus is to get to the airport or train station when I’m going home for breaks.

Freshman year, orientations and activities held for the first-years got me off campus much more often. I even went to a small concert event with some friends during my first year that was one of the most exciting things I’ve done since coming to Wash U!

I don’t know places in St. Louis that interest me, the area, or transportation well, I have little motivation and time to plan an off-campus trip; since I have only been off campus a few times through programs and don’t want to venture off alone, I don’t get off campus much at all as an undergrad sophomore. The Wash U bubble can get really real.

  1. Learning About Myself

Before coming to college, even though I’m an only child and have had my own room for my entire life, I never felt the urge to decorate my room until I moved into a dorm. This year as a sophomore, I am living in a single, which made the “default” walls and set up of the door room look distractingly uniform.

Little things like that still happen all the time! I knew when I came to college, I’d be maturing into an adult. However, I didn’t fully realize that meant I would be learning and adjusting to myself over time. Knowing when you need to eat, how many hours you need to sleep to function during the day, where you can and can’t study are few of many things you will learn and that I’m definitely still learning even beyond my freshman year.



These challenges are few of many challenges I still experience as an undergrad sophomore here at Wash U. I think it’s important for you all to know (especially if you’re an incoming student) that not everyone has the answers. It’s also OK not to have all the answers or understand how everything works. No one expects you to be perfect and college is a learning experience for a reason. Keep learning and keep struggling because with each challenge, you get stronger.



Allana Thompson