What I’ll Miss About WashU

What better way to celebrate my last day as a Wash U student than to write about the things I’ll miss about Wash U (full disclosure: I’m writing this through tears). I’ve loved being at this school so much for reasons that can’t really be simplified down to a list, but for the purposes of this post I’ll try to keep it brief. What I’ll miss about Wash U (A non-exhaustive list):

  1. Spending time with friends: This one’s the most obvious, but also the truest. We didn’t really have a chance to say goodbye to one another before campus was shut down and classes went online. I’ll definitely see them again, but things will never be quite the same.
  2. The professors: From my advisors to those who have only taught me for one class, I’ll miss learning from such knowledgeable and kind people.
  3. The classes: This’ll sound weird, but I really will miss class. I like the structure and the chance to open my mind to new information while listening to others’ opinions, and I’ll really miss not having that in my life.
  4. The Campus: The gingko trees, the quad, the overpass, the DUC, and Seigle’s looming shadow have been essential parts of my environment that I’ve taken for granted over the last four years, and it’ll feel weird to not have them around.
  5. The Loop: The place I’ve lived for the past two years. I’ll really miss the controlled chaos going on at all times as well as the availability of great shops and restaurants.

And the most important one…

  1. Sharing my thoughts with all of you! Thank you for listening to me ramble about all the things I love about this school. I hope my posts helped some of you make the decision to come to Wash U the way this blog helped me when I was a prospective student.  I really enjoyed writing these posts and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them too.