Why WashU?

WashU has been nothing short of a home for me thus far. Even though we’re in a global pandemic right now, I’ve still felt close to my school. I stated in some of my earlier posts that I am a dual-degree engineering student. Quick refresher: the dual-degree engineering program is structured such that a student attends a liberal arts school for 3 years, where they study pre-engineering courses while also studying a specific STEM subject, then completes their last two years at an engineering school. In my case, I studied general engineering and chemistry, while also minoring in dance. Now I am studying chemical engineering here at WashU.

I was considering two other schools along with WashU last year, but neither of them made me feel as valued and important like WashU did. Immediately after I received my acceptance letter, WashU kept in contact with me every week. I was sent emails about what research students in my field were doing, updates on what courses I should take, introductions from my future professors, activities to do in St. Louis, and so much more. This made me feel like I would be at a college that genuinely wanted me there. 

My Visit

In April of 2019, I visited the campus for the dual-degree visit weekend. That was the weekend that sealed the deal on my decision. WashU felt like home from the moment I stepped foot on the campus! It was beautiful. I felt like I was surrounded by castles everywhere I went. Still today I feel like it gives off a very European vibe. On top of everything else, the way the trees bloom in the spring is breathtaking, as seen in my cover picture! The WUDDA’s (Washington University Dual Degree Ambassadors) had an entire weekend filled with activities planned for us. You could tell they put a lot of hard work into that visit weekend, simply because they care. 

I gained so much from this visit, starting with a meeting with financial aid. They were extremely nice and helpful through my process! I went in confused about my package and what it entailed, but they were patient with me and very knowledgeable. I left the office satisfied, with a clear understanding of what my financial situation would be like at WashU. The visit included a tour of the campus, dual-degree housing, the rec center, and the engineering department. I had the opportunity to meet a couple of my future professors and ask the questions about my major during the panel. The WUDDA’s then took us to Blueberry Hill in Delmar Loop, where we were able to mingle, play darts, and get to know other students. Everything about the visit was wonderfully planned and fun! I’ll never forget how I felt my first time at WashU. 

The Present

Flash forward to now, I’ve absolutely loved the fact I chose this place to be my home. WashU was one of the first schools to be proactive about getting students home before the pandemic got to where it is now. I have no doubt that our safety is their priority and that they are committed to doing what’s best for us. The transition to online classes hasn’t been the easiest if I’m being honest, but it could be much worse. In my opinion, this is as smooth as it gets, and that’s because WashU has taken every action possible to make sure of that. My professors have been very patient and understanding that this is a hard time for everyone.

This pandemic has caused a lot of pain. But I am very thankful to have a support system like WashU to get through it. I cannot wait for the fall to come and to be back on that beautiful campus, surrounded by the most down to earth people.