Travel the World at WashU

Here at WashU, there are a multitude of cultural events to take part in and to see! The events range from performances at the Edison Theater, to various film festivals showcasing films from different regions of the world, to the possibility of joining over 100 diversity groups.

During my time here as a freshman, I was able to attend three cultural performances: Diwali, Black Anthology, and the Lunar New Year Festival. All three events have skits or plays that were written, produced, and directed by students themselves. These skits are able to tell the stories of the trials and tribulations one can go through within their culture.

This year’s Black Anthology production, Masquerade, takes place in a fictitious Caribbean Island named Moray. One aspect of the show that spoke most to me was the need to confront the perception of masculinity and how this toxic masculinity contributes to the gender inequalities in the country. Black Anthology stated:

“This play aims to present a world in which these issues are not exaggerated but singled out and examined.” (Dramaturgical Notes, Masquerade)

Black Anthology – 2020/01/20

All three performances were full of colorful dances and instrumental renditions that allowed me to peek into the various cultures that are a part of our WashU community. As someone who is currently taking Korean language classes and was able to take a class on Korean Civilization last semester, I connected what I learned when watching both the Korean Fan (Buchaechum) and Samulnori performances to my classroom instruction. This allowed me to analyze my current knowledge through a cultural lens.

Lunar New Year Festival performance in Edison Theatre – 2019/02/01

To the Class of 24’, I hope to be able to spend time with you all at these performances next year. I promise, they are amazing every single time!

Fall Performances: Diwali

Spring Performances: Black Anthology, Lunar New Year Festival, Carnaval

Diwali 2018