Snowboarding in Missouri?

Living in St. Louis is really fun. There are many things to do, especially when it’s a beautiful day outside. Forest Park has a free Zoo, museums, golf courses, and more. There is also Six Flags, which is located a little over half an hour away. Yes, everything I listed are activities one does in warm weather. So, what about when it’s cold? Well again, Forest Park is nice because you can go ice skating. And I’ve already informed my readers about the Missouri Botanical Garden. But what took me by surprise was the idea of going snowboarding– right here in Missouri!

My boyfriend, who is also new to the St. Louis area, told me about a time he and his coworker went snowboarding. I assumed they’d gone to Colorado or somewhere that is cold and has mountains. However, I was taken aback when they said they went snowboarding here, in Missouri, about 40 minutes away from St. Louis! This awesome place is called Hidden Valley Ski Resort. 

Our Trip

One Saturday morning when it was still cold out, we drove down the Hidden Valley for my first snowboarding experience. I was extremely excited! As we drove up the hills, I could instantly feel my ears popping, and that’s how I knew this wasn’t a joke. We got up to the resort and went to the front desk to pay for snowboarding rental gear. I will admit, it is a little pricey if you don’t own a snowboard or helmet, which means you have to rent everything. However… Hidden Valley does this amazing deal, where on Friday nights, if you come and show your college ID, everything is 50% off! So that makes the price much more appealing, plus it’s a one-time payment for all-day access to the resort. 

After getting our badges, we went to the rental area to choose snowboarding boots, boards, and helmets. We then strapped everything on and headed out to the hills. Because this was my very first time snowboarding and only the second time for my boyfriend, we started off practicing on the bunny slope. Surprisingly, it was not that crowded, so we were able to get in a lot of reps. I caught on pretty quickly! After less than an hour of practicing form and balance on the bunny slope, I felt confident enough to level up to the steeper slopes! Check out this short video of me only after a couple of trials on the bunny slope!

The experience was everything I imagined. I rode the lifts, learned how to turn, met some cool advanced snowboarders, fell A LOT of times, and even cried! Half way through the trip, my boyfriend encouraged me to try one of the steepest slopes the resort had because he felt that I was “ready”. Well, let’s just say, I was far from ready. As I rode up the lift to the slope, I could feel my heart literally pounding out my chest from fear. I knew this was a bad idea, but there was no turning back. We got to the top and prepared to go down the slope. He went first and I followed. As soon as I turned my board to start, I instantly fell. Believe it or not, I rolled and tumbled down the slope for the majority of the time I went down. It was so hard! Of course, I started crying and beating myself up. Towards the bottom of the slope I finally got a groove, and slid all the way down without falling. But man, did I need a break! Here’s a video that was taken right before we went down the steepest slope.

The resort even has a food court, so we took a break and grabbed lunch. Then we returned to the slopes. We wanted to get our money’s worth for the trip, so we stayed for 9 hours! From 11:00 am to 8:00 pm we were out snowboarding. So let’s just say, we definitely felt that 9 hours in our bodies the next morning. I was sore for days, but it was all worth it! I can’t wait until next year to go again. Cheers to marking activities off my bucket list all while in college! Here’s a video of us on the lifts!