Stress=Rec Center

It’s not a lie that college is often extremely stressful for students, especially if you’re taking roughly 15-20 credit hours along with juggling extracurricular activities. As I stated in some of my other posts, I am a 3-2 dual-degree engineering student. In other words, I am completing my Chemical Engineering degree in only 2 years. Imagine condensing a curriculum that is usually dispersed amongst 8 semesters into 4 semesters. It is definitely doable, as many students have successfully completed the dual-degree program; however that doesn’t mean it is not stressful! Luckily, WashU has such a strong, developed dual-degree program with many advisors and faculty members to help ease dual-degrees’ worries. 

Aside from the help of the wonderful support system the dual-degree program has, I took it upon myself to look for other sources for stress relievers. Because I played many sports throughout my life, I am a very active individual. When I’m stressed, my go-to therapy is the gym. This is why I am so thankful for the Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center here on campus! Without this place, it would be so difficult for me to work off all of the stress that builds up from the pressures of being a college student. Of course, there’s running outside and or in-home workouts I could do. However, when it’s snowing or raining, or if I just need to get out of the house, the rec center is the perfect place to go to. 

The main attraction about the rec is how massive and new it is! Right when you walk in on the top floor, there’s an amazing view of the weights and cardio equipment in the lower level. To the left in the lower level, is a room that houses 4 athletic courts. These courts are not just used for basketball but other sports such as volleyball, soccer, and badminton! Straight ahead from where you first walk in, are two studios, one on the top floor and one on the bottom. These studios are perfect for yoga, stretching, body exercises, and of course, my favorite– dancing. 

Oftentimes, especially when stressed, I go to one of the studios at the rec center, shut off the lights, and just dance, stretch, and freely move my body around. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing! It’s even better when I go late at night when no one is there. Then, I can just let my body move without wondering if anyone is watching. I also love the massage therapy the rec center offers. There are free 20-minutes massage chairs as well as personal massages from a therapist for an additional cost. To top it all off, the rec center also offers BearFIT training programs. If you need or want to get in the gym to reach a goal, for an additional cost, the rec center has trainers to help with that extra motivation!

Overall, the rec center is a wonderful place. Everything I listed are just some of the attractions it has, and there are plenty more! If I had to say where my happy place is here at WashU, I’d definitely say at the rec center. Particularly in the dance studio!