Mostly Homemade: 5 Simple Recipes

Meal preparation has become a go-to method of relaxation and study break. Yes, I look forward to going home in the evening and pulling ingredients from kitchen cupboards and the fridge and then assembling them into delicious meals and decadent desserts.

When I lived on the South 40 in a dorm, I made do with a fry pan, the dorm kitchen, a mini fridge and the ingredients in Paws’n Go. Mostly making veggie omelettes, slow cooked oatmeal, and big bagel pizzas. Now, I live in an apartment off campus with a modest little kitchen with a stove, a little bit of counter. I take advantage of this wholeheartedly, making many meals at home.

I stack sandwiches, toss salads, or pile heaping spoonfuls of homemade applesauce into Tupperware for the next day on campus. When I get home from class, I experiment with recipes discovered online or scavenged from a small collection of cookbooks.

Sometimes when the weeks get busy. Meal creativity may occasionally be set aside, deliciousness to fall victim to busy-ness. Here are some of the quick recipes I have on hand for a busy week:


The Dine and Dash Dinner:

Recipe Illustration by Megan Stansbury


The Speedy Snack:

Recipe Illustration by Megan Stansbury


The Mango To-Go Salsa:

Recipe Illustration by Megan Stansbury

The Faster Breakfast Smoothie:

(Frozen spinach optional if green is not your thing!)

Recipe Illustration by Megan Stansbury


The Better Box Brownies:

Recipe Illustration by Megan Stansbury

The best part is all recipes can be altered with additions and substitutions depending what I have on hand in my fridge and cabinets!