BearFIT at the Rec!

In my last post, I talked about how amazing the rec center is here at WashU. It’s so amazing that here I am, writing another post about what it has to offer! I touched a little bit on the two studios at the rec and how they are my favorite spots to go to. However, I did not mention how they are also used to hold the BearFIT classes. These classes range from yoga, to dancing, zumba, HIIT workouts, Barre workouts, pilates, and more! And do you know the best part about the BearFIT classes? They’re free for all full-time students! I went to a class one Saturday morning, and it was incredible. 

That particular Saturday morning I woke up feeling the need for a nice, light, and easy workout. So naturally, I pulled out my phone and checked the WashU Rec app to see what BearFIT classes were offered that day. After reading the descriptions of each class, I chose one that sounded perfect for what my body was craving. Granted, I thought I was going to a beginner’s pilates class, for a “nice, light, and easy workout.” However, I apparently do not know how to read efficiently because  for some reason I accidentally showed up to a class that was NOT pilates.

This class ended up being a high intensity, full-body cardio class! I didn’t realize it until nearly 10 minutes in that this was not what I had signed up for. But, I will admit, I found myself surprisingly enjoying it! So instead of leaving after coming to the realization that I can’t read, I decided to stay and stick it through the whole class. I was so happy I did!

This class is called BearFlex and is instructed by Desi, a graduate student at WashU studying social work. She was so great at keeping us motivated and energized throughout the entire workout. This class challenged all of my major muscles groups by using weight room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls. The cool part about this workout session is how Desi makes it beneficial for all levels. So whether you’re a beginner or master at fitness, this class can still be challenging! She also designs it so that you can make progress each week. So after about 3 classes back-to-back, you will notice the workout getting easier, and that’s an indication that it’s time to add more weight or do faster intervals. 

Half way through the session I was really feeling the burn throughout my thighs and arms. Luckily I grabbed two sets of weights, heavy and light, so that I could alternate as needed. Everyone was dripping in sweat and motivated. It was an amazing experience! We ended with a cool down and stretch. I definitely felt the aftermath in my body the next day, but I didn’t mind because I knew it was all worth it. I cannot wait to see my progress in this class, and to try others!