How I Fell in Love with Wash U

Hi again!

I decided since I’m still new to WashU360 and there’s much you don’t know about me, it’d be helpful to share some of my story with you. As most of the audience reading this blog is incoming freshman and parents, I decided to tell you about how I discovered Wash U and why I decided to come here. Is Wash U the perfect school? Was it the school I wanted to go to? How did I decide to come here? Keep reading to find out!

If you haven’t read my introduction entry, my name is Allana Thompson and I am a current sophomore. I’m from Chicago and Wash U was my first choice. I applied early decision, which was a huge choice for me. Hence, I wanted to talk to you about how, when, and why I fell in love with Wash U.

My Story

My father was very diligent about preparing me for further education. He was so diligent that we’d been attending many college information sessions and college fairs together since junior high. By my junior year of high school, I was more than weary of the same old thing.

 At some point, every college seemed the same to me and every information session bored me.

One day, a select number of universities were visiting a hotel near Rosemont, Illinois to appeal to students in the area. Wash U was one of those universities. I went into the session barely paying attention and ready to hear the same old thing.

However, what caught my eye first was the region representative. It was the first time I’d seen a female POC representing a PWI*. Her experience intrigued me.

Since we’d been college searching for a long time, I had criteria on what kind of school I wanted to attend. As I listened to the presentation, something quickly began to dawn on me: every one of my criteria was being met. Wash U checked every box.

Lastly, what really drew me to Wash U was the feeling. It’s cliché, but I could feel in my heart that Wash U was where I belonged. I could see myself at the school, on campus, and becoming my best self at Wash U. Sometimes you get a gut feeling when something is right; that’s how I felt when I discovered Wash U.


After learning about WashU, I began pursuing the school in every way I could. That includes attending WashU Preview, SOAR, and many other fly-in events that I’ll talk more about here some other time. I applied for Wash U Early Decision (there was only one Early Decision when I applied) and for the Ervin Scholars program. I was more than elated and am blessed to have been accepted to both.


Wash U isn’t for everyone; I won’t lie and say everyone should attend Wash U because it’s perfect. Yes, there are moving bookcases, awesome dorm rooms, always something fun to get involved with, and a gorgeous campus but it’s not a school for everyone. However, Wash U is perfect for me, and I discovered that very suddenly. You will know when a school is good for you when you get the feeling. Everyone has a place where they belong and that takes time to find!

I encourage you to continue looking at Wash U and other universities to find your place. Come visit us through Wash U preview to get a front seat view on what the campus is like. As you go through the college application process, you will find a place where you feel is where you are destined to be. I fell in love with Wash U, and the love has only grown deeper; I know that you can find your dream school too!

Good luck!

Allana Thompson