안녕하세요! Bonjour!

And Hello! Hopefully in seven years I can greet everybody in six more languages 🙂

My name is Leandra and I’m a first-year student whose goal is to become a polyglot. This is the part where you’re thinking, “What in the world…” Well, a polyglot is someone who is able to speak or use multiple languages (and they do not have to be “fluent” in them). By that definition, I can qualify as a polyglot, but wouldn’t it be cooler if I spoke nine languages?

My infatuation with languages has led me to major in International Area Studies with a concentration in Global Cultural Studies, as well as minor in Global Film and Media Studies. I’m from the suburbs of New York City, so living 20 minutes away from a big, multicultural hub has expanded my views on internationalism.

Other than day dreaming about traveling the world and speaking various languages, I spend my time watching films and series, tend to my beautiful natural hair, and knock on my friends’ doors just to annoy them for a couple of hours—oopsies.

Come along on my journey of self-discovery in my four years at WashU as I try to manage school, fun, and shenanigans! Don’t fret, even though you’re joining me in my second semester, you’re in for the ride of your life.

See you in my next adventure!