Officer Casem

WUPD By Name And Story

The Washington University Police Department is known for riding their bikes around campus, yelling in the Bear’s Den at late hours of the night about labeling your personal belongings, and driving tired students back to their dorms after it gets dark. Not many officers are known all too well by the campus, but there is one who maintains an amicable rapport with all the students he interacts with. Officer Greg Casem first entered my life when I was eating an egg sandwich in BD around 1 AM with one of my friends, and all of a sudden this colossal voice filled the space talking about the overflowing lost and found; unnamed and unclaimed water bottles, blank laptops and miscellaneous bank cards and wallets without IDs. I looked up to see Officer Casem passionately recanting that he wanted so badly to return all items to our student body, but simply couldn’t because of a lack of identification.

After Officer Casem finished his speech my friend and I approached him to ask about what happens to unclaimed valuable items and he told us that if a certain amount of time goes by and laptops or phones aren’t claimed, that WUPD has the jurisdiction to donate expensive items to those in need (Let it be on record that this is a VERY long wait period). I could tell how emotional Officer Casem was getting over something I had never even stopped to think about, and I was instantly intrigued. I asked Officer Casem to be on my campus centered podcast Spemma: The Homo Sapien Podcast, where I could interview him about his life, job, and what he thought it meant to be “human”.

Officer Casem told me and my best friend, cohost and fellow blogger Sparkle about his career as a Ferguson police officer, his desire to bridge the gap between law enforcement and civilian, and his desperate passion for serving young people. Officer Casem has proven to be one of my favorite homo sapiens I have ever had the privilege of meeting and knowing that he, among other WUPD officials are on campus makes me feel extremely cared for as a Wash U student. I still see Officer Casem around campus and he says hi to me, asks me how I am, and always reminds me to put my ID in my phone.

Our full interview with Officer Casem is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts or at spemmapodcast.buzzsprout.com