Garden Glow!

My favorite time of the year most definitely has to be in between Thanksgiving and New years. This may be a common thing a lot of people say, however I don’t mind agreeing! I love this time of the year so much because of all the joy and happiness that is spread from one another. I always find myself smiling the most when it’s the holiday season!

Going off that note, I smiled for 2 hours straight with my friend at Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden! Everything about it was so beautiful and fun. The tickets were an affordable price too. When you walk into the garden, at the back right was a room filled with plants and trees decorated with Christmas joy. There was a mini toy train that ran through the bushes, it was so cute!

Once it was time for the garden glow to begin, we went upstairs to start the fun. There was a path with signs along the sides that said “follow the glow” so we did for the fullest experience! I was instantly amazed by the wonderful decorations and lights throughout the garden. At each stop, there was a mini light show going on in the trees/bushes. It was so mesmerizing to watch the lights twinkle to the beat of the music. There was also free hot chocolate and s’mores! 

Two of my most favorite attractions were the “Twinkling Tunnel” sponsored by Boeing and the mansion light display. The tunnel was so bright and beautiful. It felt like I was walking through a unicorn’s dome.

The mansion’s display was extremely interesting to watch because the projector’s images lined up perfectly with the house. It lasted for about a minute and a half. Then we got to go inside the house for a historical tour!  Check out the house light display!

After the tour of the house, we walked through the rest of the path. We took a lot of pictures and videos! I highly recommend taking some time to visit Garden Glow next year because it is so worth it. Plus, it does make for a very romantic, cute date!

Here is a video of the bush garden lights!