Dual-Degree Engineering Students Can Have Fun Too!

Some would say one of the worst times during college is the week of final exams. I would be the one to say it is actually THE worst time during the semester. The whole idea behind cramming a semester’s worth of material for 5 different classes in one week, all to pass an exam that’s worth the largest chunk of your grade gives me anxiety. Anyhow, it’s required and it’s college, so as students, we have to suck it up, do our best, and keep a positive attitude! Having a little fun in between the end of classes and exam week was the perfect way to keep a happy mindset. And I have the Dual-Degree Engineering Exec Board to thank for that. 

This fall, for the first time, we had a Fall Ball, and the theme was Masquerade. The ball was an opportunity for dual degree students to come together to celebrate the December graduates along with the end of the semester. Everyone brought out their formal dresses, suits, and ties, and showed up looking fancier than ever. I think it’s safe to say, engineers clean up nice! It was fun seeing how creative everyone got with their masks.

At the ball, we were given T-shirts and party favors, such as fun festive glassware, it was all extremely cute. The exec board put together a slide show featuring all the dual degree student’s moments throughout the semester. It was lovely seeing all the pictures of my fellow classmates enjoying their time at WashU. We had flatbreads and sandwiches catered which were actually very delicious and they definitely did not last long!

After dinner, the photo-booth and dance floor opened up. The photo-booth featured a backdrop with the McKelvey School of Engineering logos on it. We also had a lot of funny props to pose with! Music played for the rest of the night, and we danced our engineering stress away. It was a wonderful night and my friends and I had a blast. I can’t wait for another dual degree event. It’s always nice to take a break from the rigor of engineering and enjoy the company of one another.

Here’s a picture of my date and me!