NSBE 2019 Fall Regional Conference

As I stated in my introductory post, I am a member of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). One of the major benefits of being a member of NSBE, is the opportunities the organization provides. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, conferences, workshops, and other events. Thus allowing members to make connections and network with recruiters in areas such as a full time job, internship, co-op, and or graduate school sectors. 

The weekend of October 25th, the Fall Regional Conference for region 5 was held right here in St. Louis! This was WashU NSBE’s first time attending a Fall Regional Conference, and it was a great experience. Region 5 consists of states like Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and more. So we got lucky the location this year was so close to home. The conference went from Thursday, all the way to Sunday, with the career fair on Saturday.

Thursday consisted of opening session and registration. During opening sessions, they are always lead with everyone standing up and reciting the NSBE mission statement:

“To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers, who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.” 

This statement is extremely important to NSBE members and is encouraged to be memorized, so students are reminded of why they’re doing what they’re doing, and how they are impacting younger students. 

Friday consisted of mainly workshops for the NSBE members. These included, but were not limited to: mock interviews, resume critiquing, scholarship information sessions, and tips on how to present yourself at work. The workshop on how to present yourself at work was extremely interesting. It touched on how to prepare yourself with balancing your personality and values with those of your workplace. This is something that most would not think about until the idea is presented. 

Saturday was the career fair! A lot of companies ranging from ExxonMobil and P&G, to Burns & Mcdonnell were in attendance. It was really inspiring seeing so many collegiate students dressed in professional attire networking with companies. Later on that night, vanguard awards were presented and everyone was dressed in beautiful formal attire. Sunday was a closing session, and that concluded the conference! 

Overall, the conference was a wonderful first experience! The featured photo includes a few WashU NSBE members including our President and Vice President. Stay tuned for an update on the National Conference in March which will be held in San Antonio, Texas this year!