Tiramisu: A Pick Me Up

We enter Iva’s home again. Each of us holds a small glass or plastic container. They are empty now but soon they will be full of rich coffee soaked lady fingers and meringue mixed with cream. Otherwise known as Tiramisu.

“Lift me up” is the direct translation from Italian. Tiramisu is n imperative as well as my favorite that dessert I encountered during my recent studies in Italy.

Our professor starts to demonstrate the wonderfully easy process of making this marvelous dessert. She begins by putting on a pot of coffee after asking us if we would like a hot coffee to drink while the Tiramisu is made. It’s 6pm, we thank her and decline with a quick “non grazie.”

This was about the point in the evening where I stepped back from the food preparation. As soon as Iva put on a pot of coffee, the thing I was expecting and hoping most to see wandered upstairs from the basement to join the group. A five year old black labrador named Lucy. It is hard to tell who is the most exuberant in that moment as Lucy and I run towards one another.

“No so chi è piú contenta, Megan oppure Lucy.” Another classmate comments on the scenario. I sit on the floor petting Lucy as we run through an Italian worksheet and try out saying Italian tongue twisters.

When the coffee’s ready we start assembling the desert. We dip the cookies into the coffee and then layer the creamy meringue on top. We repeat this until the layers reach the top of the container. At this point we close the lids and with a quick “Ciao, grazie!” part ways to put the mixtures in our respective freezers to consume the next day.

An enjoyable gathering of professor and students and labrador to prepare a sweet dessert. Tiramisu. Lift me up—tutto bene!