Fall Break = Visit to the Arch

Being new to a city like St. Louis means there’s a lot of exploring that needs to be done. I thought since the Gateway Arch is one of the main things that St. Louis is known for, I should start there!

My best friend from my previous institution came to visit me from Chicago during this fall break. Having a buddy to tour the Arch made it all the better. We drove downtown and lucked out with a parking space right in front of the magnificent Arch! I will say, it is WAY bigger in person versus how big it looks on pictures. Also, you can actually go inside it, take a tram ride to the top, and view the city of St. Louis through the windows. So of course we purchased tickets to do that for a decent price of $14!

Our reservation was at 4:25 and we arrived at 4:20, so obviously we were in a huge rush. However, when we got within 50 feet of the Arch, we couldn’t help but stop and take pictures. Plus, we didn’t want the sun to go down after we toured the inside, thus not having bright pictures. We were confused about how to actually get inside the Arch, and unfortunately didn’t make it to our 4:25 reservation (shocker). Luckily, the workers issuing out the tickets let us on the next tram ride for no additional cost!

The Ride

The wait for the ride was somewhat long, but we didn’t mind. We finally began the tour with some interesting facts about the Gateway Arch. Did you know that it is the world’s tallest arch? We then took a “before the ride” picture for memory sake. Afterwards we began to line up to get in the capsules. I will say, if you’re claustrophobic, the tram ride may not be for you, because the capsules are tiny! We were able to fit 5 of us in that extremely small space. The ride to the top was about 4 minutes long and it sounded like we were going up a rollercoaster. Before we knew it, we made it to the top.

The Top

When we made it to the top, we went to the windows to view the city. It was beautiful! The sun was setting and the view was breathtaking. There were a lot of people up there, so we had to take turns looking out of the little windows. Lots of pictures were taken and then we headed back down to the bottom. Check out this link for a video of the view! (7C8B59D0-596E-4298-8139-F3245FC12120)

The Aftermath

Once we got down to the bottom, we had to use the bathroom so badly, we forgot to pick up our pictures they took of us before the ride! By that time, the Arch services were closed. We left the inside and as predicted the sun had already set beyond the city towers. We decided to still take one more picture and it turned out to be the best! Overall, our first Arch experience was nonetheless, fun and memorable.