Into the Woods: Fireworks in Forest Park

We hear a loud noise, see a bright green glittering flash. I take off in an easy sprint towards the commotion.
It’s Friday night in forest park. The glow portion of Balloon Glow is dimming, Balloons slowly descend to the earth. It’s the days heat is still simmering in the darkness and we mingle with our fellow St. Louis community. Balloon Glow is an event preceding an event known as the Great St. Louis Balloon Race. Before the balloons take to the skies to crown a new winner of the historic race the next day, the racers light the fields of Forest Park with their balloons. Guests can participate by wandering around to look at the balloons and meet the racers. Most families have just come for the music and the glow, they are not so keen on waiting for what is next, but this is the part I am here for.
There are still some that remain for this part. Kids scramble around parents who are set up in lawn chairs with soft drinks and snacks. They chat as the kids play at the beat of the bright beautiful bursts.
Friends are cozied up on the grass. Clearly only one of them has remembered to bring a picnic blanket as they all try to pile onto it.
I am by the pond. I am leaning on the rails, trying to get a better view. I watch the fireworks pulsing in the air again and again, a heartbeat mirrored in the water. They explode and pour down from the sky like rain catching light, in moments of red glitter, golden glimmers, and green glows. They light the sky, echoed by the final fireflies of summer floating above the pond water. Everything sparkles brighter in the refracting ripples below, reflecting the lights of the last little bugs, the gazebo, and the fiery grand finale.