The Classifications of my Sophomore Year

Hello, my loyal followers! I have missed you all, dearly. I truly apologize for slacking on my blog posts- apparently, the beginning of sophomore year is *very* busy. Here are some titles that would be fitting for my first month of school: 

  1. Over-Caffeinated and Low on Meal Points; Was the Bottomless Mug a Mistake?
  2. The East End; Campus’s Newest Addition and the Reason I Get My Daily Steps In
  3. This Week’s Addition of Unpopular Opinions; Bird Scooters Should Be Banned Because I’ve Almost Been Hit Twice 
  4. Do Teachers Conspire Against Us?; I Have 4 Essays This Week Alone
  5. How to Eat Healthy in College; Spoonfuls of Peanut Butter, and Nothing Else 
  6. The Joys of Communal Living; How Do We Collectively Have So Much Hair?
  7. An Age Old Dilemma; Postmates or Ibbys? 

Guys. There are so many things I could add to this list. It has been such a wonderful and exhausting first month. However, I’ll limit it to this for now. I know for those of you not at WashU, there could be a lot of confusing references on that list. Let me explain. 

  1. The Bottomless Mug– this is a reusable plastic mug that students can buy at the beginning of the year. It’s 99 meal points to purchase the cup initially, but once you buy it, you don’t have to pay to fill it up. I love this cup. I legitimately carry it around campus like it is my own child. There are so many reasons to love it. 1) It’s reusable! No more single use cups! 2) In the grand scheme of meal points spent on coffee, 99 is nothing! I got my money’s worth out of this cup in like 2 weeks. 3) It’s very efficient at keeping beverages hot/cold. It is a double edged sword in that I can get coffee whenever I want, so it will be 10 p.m. and I’ll be like “huh, it’s free!” This is a bad habit, but bad habits can be broken. 
  2. The East End– WashU’s beautiful new addition to campus. It houses some new engineering buildings, the admissions center, a delicious new food selection, and much more. Construction concluded at the end of May last semester, so this is the first time my class, Class of ‘22, gets to utilize it. However, the East End is so far from anything that’s relevant to me. If I want to get lunch or go study there, it is a full trek. Honestly though, I’m not complaining. I get exercise without having to go to the gym. That’s big. 
  3. Birds– The big controversy on campus. Like many colleges this year, WashU has banned the automatic scooters. Lots of students are frustrated by this- Birds are an easy, efficient, and cheap way to get from one end of campus to the other, or to get from campus to surrounding neighborhoods. I, on the other hand, have been traumatized by people birding one too many times. Side note: I’m mostly kidding about this one, but it’s hot gossip right now. 
  4. There isn’t much to explain for the fourth one. My workload is crazy right now. In all honesty though, I don’t mind it! I’ve had some late nights, but WashU libraries are beautiful, and I have my bottomless mug to keep me company 🙂 
  5. WashU truly does have some of the best college food in the nation. It’s been on a few different Top Ten Lists for its dining. Especially now that the East End is around, WashU food is truly on another level. However. I live directly above Bear’s Den (which literally no one calls it) a.k.a. BD. Convenient? Check. Takes meal points? Check. Has a variety of options? Check. In theory, it’s perfect. But I am a lot of different things- slightly lazy, slightly picky, and slightly healthy. I also do not eat three full meals a day, but rather double-digit numbers of snacks. This combination has led me to consume more peanut butter than I honestly thought was possible. 
  6. I adore my suitemates. They are three of my best friends ever. We are all crazy and loud and borrow each other’s clothing constantly. One of the best parts of sophomore year is living with them. However, it is concerning how much hair is in our shower. Sorry if that’s TMI, but you guys are along for this ride with me!
  7. Ibby’s- possibly my favorite place on campus. It’s a restaurant located in the DUC that makes good food and takes meal points. It’s really fun to go out to dinner with your friends, get appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and not watch your bank account waver at all. I recommend: the bread board with honey butter, the gnocchi with cream sauce and chicken, and the all-nighter cookie skillet. It’s so yummy. But postmates has PokeDoke, Pastaria, Corner 17… the works. It’s always a debate. 

Anyhow, I promise I am going to write more in the coming weeks! For now, though, I must get back to the essays I am currently neglecting. I’ll be back soon!