St. Louis Saturdays: St. Louis Balloon Glow!

Welcome to St. Louis Saturdays! This is going to be a series on my page detailing my experiences at different events and places (restaurants, landmarks, etc.) around St. Louis. To be clear, there will be posts about events on other days, but because I love alliteration, I chose ‘Saturday’ for the name. 

Ironically, my first post is about an event that happened on a Friday—the St. Louis Balloon Glow! I had never seen hot air balloons in person before so I was very excited for this event. My friends and I took an Uber to Forest Park, but we could only get about three-quarters of the way to the field where the balloons were because there was so much traffic. So we jumped out and walked the rest of the way. Upon arrival, we heard music blasting from some speakers set up near the perimeter of the park. We arrived at around 7 and there were already many people in the park. Some had beach chair set up  in front of the area where the balloons were stationed. There were children running around, parents lumbering after them holding large turkey legs and fries. And there were dogs—so many dogs! 

As my friends and I stood in line for food, the balloons started to blow up and glow. It was magical. Hot air balloons had always been a fixture of children’s books to me and I never thought I’d see some in person, but now I have! Although the balloons couldn’t all glow at once because the wind was too strong, it was still cool to see them all blown up in their colorful glory. Hopefully, next year the weather will be less finicky and the balloons will glow together so I can truly live out my childhood dream of feeling like a fairy in a forest surrounded by glowing lights. 

The hot air balloons glowing!
Photo credit to my lovely friend, Gina