The Biggest Playground in St. Louis

One of my (and, I’m sure, many others’) favorite things in St. Louis has to be the City Museum. This previous weekend was my first adventure there, and I have to say that I was absolutely … well, stunned and overwhelmed.

The “museum” (more like a giant playground) was enormous. I definitely didn’t get to see every single thing in there, and I stayed for well over five hours. The tickets cost $16 + $5 for rooftop access (which was very worth it), and considering just how big this place was and how many things there were to do there, I can conclusively say that the experience was worth every penny.

From an airplane suspended in air to the skull of a giant dragon, there were 11 floors of endless random (and yet oddly complimentary) exhibits that I could climb over/crawl through/venture into. Yes, occasionally, one would have to get on one’s hands and knees to crawl or squeeze through a blob-shaped crevice. I would dress in very comfortable clothing before going (a very difficult lesson that I learned).

On the uppermost floor is a 10-story slide that takes you all the way down to the first floor. Unfortunately, the line was so long when I was there that I didn’t want to ride it, but from the shrieks of excited children and adults alike who were riding, I did feel a twinge of FOMO.

The rooftop, however, was my favorite part. As mentioned before, it was $5 more, but definitely worth the extra cash. A Ferris wheel, more slides, a school bus tipping over the edge of the building, and a giant praying mantis (yes, a giant praying mantis) were among the best things to see. You could also overlook a good amount of the surrounding St. Louis area from up that high, which, I believe, is a rare opportunity.


Definitely one worth putting on the ‘gram

Not your typical bug 🙂

I’m glad that I got to experience one of St. Louis’s great wonders. Of course, I think I’ll have to return someday to pick up where I left off. After all, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about St. Louis, it’s this: there may be things here that you’ve never seen/done before, but there’s nothing here that you only see/do once. 🙂