Summer Adventures: Living Off-Campus

This summer marks the first time that I will be consistently living off-campus.

For the past three school years and a summer, I spent my time at WashU while living on-campus: freshman and sophomore year in Koenig/Liggett, sophomore year summer partly off-campus but mostly in Millbrook, and junior year in Lopata. This summer, from the very beginning, I’ve been living on the Loop.

I’m sub-leasing a one-bedroom apartment from a friend, and I can already tell you that it’s much different from living on campus. First thing’s first: the walk. My summer job and research lab are located on campus, and this requires that I walk around 20-30 minutes every morning. I tell myself that it’s a positive thing; I don’t have time to go to the gym much, so that’ll serve as my cardio for the day.

However: the food. So, the Loop is an absolute hub of good food and culture. Corner 17 — one of my favorites — is literally about five steps away from where I live. This means that every day involves me challenging myself not to get bubble tea. Salt ‘n Smoke is right on the other side, Seoul Taco is less than a minute away, and the only question surrounding ice cream is whether I should get Insomnia, Ben&Jerry’s, or Baked Bear.

I have felt both the pros and cons of living on- and off-campus over the summer, and I’m still not sure which I prefer. WashU’s compact campus and short distance to the Loop makes living here very worthwhile. It’s comforting knowing that, whether or not I’m on or off WashU’s map, I can’t complain too much.