St. Louis’ Pride: The Arch

Over a rainy weekend, I visited St. Louis’ famous icon: the Arch. It’s that half-McDonald’s symbol — the one everyone passes by at some point whilst driving to or from WashU. This was less a planned visit and moreso a spontaneous “well, I’m taking the metro already anyway, so why not?” sort of adventure.

There were still many people surrounding St. Louis’ gateway even on this damp and humid day. People were, of course, asking each other (and helping each other) to take pictures of their friends and them in front of the Arch. I saw many strange poses that day — not from those getting their pictures taken, but from the cameramen who were doing their best to cram every inch of that giant steel monument into frame.

I didn’t take a tour of the Arch (something I slightly regret but am sure I’ll have many more opportunities to do later on), but I walked around the park in which it is located. There was going to be a concert held later that day or week, and they were doing a lot of mic testing (“Ah-ah,” “Hello, hello,” “One, two, one two”), which, combined with the rain, didn’t serve as the picture-perfect backdrop for the gateway to St. Louis. Nevertheless, I got many aesthetic pictures from this trip.

A lot bigger in-person, actually 🙂 

I find it wonderful and extremely convenient that even staying in WashU for the summer allows me easy access to transportation all around Missouri. During the busyness of the school year, I never really considered giving the Arch a visit. But now, seeing just how easy it was, I may just stop by in the fall to de-stress. 🙂