Don’t worry this isn’t a typo or a random exclamation.

W.I.L.D. stands for  “Walk In, Lay Down”. This name, or acronym to be more exact, refers to a movie screening event initially held in Brooking’s Quad. Students would gather together—bringing chairs and couches into the quad—to watch films. Ever since its creation in 1973, it has become the largest student run event at WashU. Except, it has now expanded and evolved into a music festival.

To many current students it refers to a bi-annual concert. Still gathering as one in the large quad area, we are able to enjoy live performances from upcoming and popular musical artists.

My eye makeup for Spring WILD

Free for all undergraduates and faculty, it has meant a break from classes to have a night of fun. Although everyone has their different perspectives on WILD, I believe we all can agree on one thing. It is within itself an unforgettable experience. From the beginning of each semester, when students are able to cast their vote on who our guests will be, to actually seeing them on stage, there is a buzz of constant excitement around campus.

In just the span of my first year, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Tinashe, Carly Rae Jepson, Roy Wood$, and Loud Luxury perform up on stage…how wild is that, am I right?

Here’s to more memories and wild nights to come.

*no puns were harmed in the making of this article*