My Favorite Study Spots

When I tell you that it seems like all WashU students do is eat, sleep, and study…

And I am not exempt from that stereotype. So, here is a list of my favorite study spots on campus:

#1. Outside in the Grass

    • When the weather is all warm and sunny, laying out a blanket under the trees is the best time to grind. I’ve been known to sit outside studying from sunrise to sunset. Just remember to grab a bite to eat from the nearest dining area. It’s always great to have a study buddy, but it can also lead to more talking than studying.

#2. Olin Library

    • My favorite study spot when the weather isn’t as pleasing. Tons of books, resources, and study rooms. You can even rent a room with a group or just find one that isn’t being occupied. Whisper’s Café is downstairs when you get a little peckish.

#3. Bear’s Den (a.k.a. BD)

    • Food is important on a long day of studying. So why not do some work in the dining hall? You can find an empty booth to work in. Or you can make your way over to College Hall, which is super quiet most parts of the day, unless an event is being held. Large circular tables line up either side, as rectangular tables file down the middle. You’ll see laptops cracked open and fingers tapping away. You might also hear a crunch or two from hungry students.

#4. Danforth University Center (a.k.a. the DUC)

    • Tisch commons is by far one of the best indoor places to study. It’s tall windows allow for a peak outside, while the fireplace cloaks you in warmth. Not to mention that if you need to take a mental break, the fun room is right upstairs.


#5. Dorm Room

    • Not that I’m recommending that you study in your room a lot. Especially if you get distracted easily. But…it is the closest place to your bed if you just have to take a quick cat nap to—you know—rest your mind a bit.