Why WashU?: Being Brave

I wish I could say that WashU was my number one choice. That it was my dream school and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. But that wouldn’t be true. It’d make me a fraud, and if there’s one thing I cannot do…is to be dishonest to myself or to you.

But in all honesty, if you had the chance to change your fate…would you?

I had fully planned to go to an in-state school with a friend. My mother had begun paying the move-in fee, and I felt nothing but excitement. Being close to home was a huge bonus, too.

However, there was a certain fascination and intrigue that came with the idea of being hours away from home. Of not having my family pop up on me whenever they felt like it. Of being—somewhat forced—to figure out things for myself.

It’s important to preface, that I’ve always felt like sort of a free spirit. Always liked the idea of being independent: from teaching myself how to style my own hair at the age of 12, to purchasing and choosing my own outfits, and spending my free time in my thoughts. So when the acceptance letter arrived in the mail, I knew what my decision would be. It had—for the most part—already been written out and was waiting to be seen.

Although, I may not have a great story behind my deciding to attend WashU, I definitely have a lot to say about how much freedom it has given me. I have learned so many life lessons in just my first year here.

I’ve got duties, responsibilities, expecations. My whole life is planned out…or at least it seems that way, but I always try to remember that WashU chose me…for a reason.

And I continue to choose it. Every. Single. Day.

This is where I belong, and I know that our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it. Thankfully, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else: from the tremendous friends I’ve made, the city I’m learning to love, and the life I’m slowly coming to accept.

Go Bears!!!