Why Now? Why WashU?

Hi y’all! Yes – even after spending a year in St. Louis, “y’all” is still an integral part of my vocabulary. My name is Kally, and I am from Houston, Texas. I am a rising sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in Psychology. In light of my experience taking courses in the Olin Business School last year, I am hoping to pursue a minor in the Business of Sports, but we will see where that intention takes me.

In addition to providing a deeper insight into who I am as a student, I wanted to address why I opted to start blogging as well as why I chose WashU. This summer, I am interning in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions here on campus. I work on a team with nine other interns to serve as a tour guide, conduct interviews with prospective students, and collaborate with the different teams in Admissions & Financial Aid on various projects. I have only been working for a few weeks now, but I have really enjoyed learning more about the University’s resources as well as the realms of higher education and administration. It is so rewarding to know that the work we are doing on a daily basis is valued; however, I would argue that the most gratifying aspect of my role is the opportunity to be an advocate for the University. I get to interact with prospective students and their families each day and tell them all about the place I know to be home. Why start blogging now? Because each day I go to work I fall in love with WashU all over again; I am continually reminded of why I chose this place, so naturally, the chance to share my story on an additional platform piqued my interest.

My college process was influenced largely by my desire to combine the opportunity to continue playing soccer at the collegiate level with the opportunity to immerse myself in the curriculum at a prestigious institution. The school of my dreams, WashU offers the ultimate balance between the two most important aspects of my life. I chose WashU because of the university-wide commitment to promoting individuality. What I have grown to appreciate most deeply about this University is the fact that I can embrace every aspect of my identity without feeling like I have to compromise any part of who I am to integrate socially or pursue my goals. I have found a home at a school where I can pursue an elite education, compete at a high level athletically, and engage with people outside my team and classes through my involvement with Sorority and Fraternity life and different student organizations.

I feel so fortunate to have had such an incredible first year experience, and I am so excited to continue sharing about my life on campus. Stay tuned for more updates about my summer in STL!