Summer in STL Adventures: Food Truck Friday

Looking for a fun Friday afternoon adventure filled with food, fun, and more dogs than you will find anywhere else? Look no further than Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park. Once per month, May through October, Sauce Magazine holds this event, with more than 20 trucks per week to grab a meal from.

My friend, Anna, and I went to June’s Food Truck Friday after work to start the weekend off right, explore a new area of town, and try some good food. A great part about Tower Grove as well is that it’s accessible via public transportation. We ended up taking the MetroLink from WashU to the Central West End, then catching a bus to Tower Grove Park (Google Maps is your friend in planning this). Once at the park entrance, all the food trucks are a short 5-minute walk away!

In terms of food (the most important part), we ended up splitting some fries from Essentially Fries and Teriyaki Chicken Bop and gyoza from K-Bop STL, topping it all off with Salted Caramel ice-cream from Clementine’s. Here are our takeaways from the event:

  1. Take a friend, or three! There are so many options to try out, I would recommend each going to a different food truck and then sharing around.
  2. Even if you don’t plan on having a bite to eat, go for the dogs. We saw more dogs during our hour and a half in Tower Grove Park than I normally see…well ever.
  3. Bring a picnic blanket, water, and a group of friends and make an afternoon out of it. This was a rookie mistake on our part, not bringing a picnic blanket, but if you’ve got a group of friends it’s great to have a place to come back to sit and enjoy your food.
  4. Be prepared to come back. There are so many options (all of which looked so good) that Anna and I already have plans to go back in July, as well as a list of food trucks we didn’t get a chance to try last time that we definitely want to check out.

Check the next Food Truck Friday out on July 12 from 4-8pm in Tower Grove Park!