Ice Cream Sundae with Sprinkles

Sparkle’s Creative List of DIY Snacks Using Items from Paws’n’Go—the local South 40 Grocery inside of the Bear’s Den (Aka BD)

Nutella & Jelly Taco Sandwich

    1. Ingredients: Nutella, Smucker’s Jelly, Wheat Bread (or bagels or English muffins)
    2. Tools: a plastic or metal butter-knife from BD and napkins
    3. Steps:
      1. Smile because you now own a jar of hazel, chocolate goodness
      2. When you get back to your kitchen or dorm or booth in BD, set everything out on a flat surface
      3. Spread Nutella on half a slice of bread, coating the opposite half with Jelly
      4. Close everything back up, refrigerate the Jam and secure the Nutella (You do not want crusty Nutella next time you go to make this sandwich)
      5. Enjoy your sandwich!

*To enhance this recipe, try eating the N&J with some lactose free milk, which is also available at Paws’n’Go.


Frosted Sunrise Treat

    1. Ingredients: Vanilla Ice cream (there is a small selection of brands available) and Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice (they make fresh orange juice daily, the machine is near the freezer section) or prepackaged orange juice
    2. Tools: a plastic cup or 2, a plastic or metal spoon, and napkins
    3. Steps:
      1. Smile because this snack is sure to suffice any sherbet ice cream lover’s sweet-tooth
      2. When you get back to your kitchen or dorm or booth in BD, set everything out on a flat surface
      3. Open the ice cream container and allow it to get soft (you could also microwave it at Paws’n’Go near the soup station)
      4. Once it is soft enough to manipulate, scoop a desired amount into the cup. (Be sure not to fill the cup completely of ice cream)
      5. Shake your orange Juice well (Dorothy at Paws’n’Go probably told you this already. She is the sweetest) and pour into the ice cream cup. (Try to keep the ration of ice cream and juice at 4:2)
      6. Mix the ice cream and juice together
      7. When you have created a yellow paste—it is READY!


Waffle Chocolate Sundae—must make around 12 am

    1. Ingredients: Waffle from half & station (only available at 12 am between Friday night and Saturday morning), ice cream of one’s choice, sprinkles (froyo station), cookie crumbs (froyo station)
    2. Tool: fork/spoon/knife (all from BD)
    3. Steps:
      1. Smile because you are about to experience a an ice cream stupor
      2. After you grab a waffle, start piling ice cream and toppings on top. This recipe is quite straightforward.

*I suggest drinking room temperature water after consuming this treat.