How to Select the Right University for You?

If you’ve just been accepted to Washington University…Congratulations!

You’re most likely really happy about the news & plan on committing to being an undergraduate in the class of 2023.



You’re really conflicted because you cannot decide between WashU or your other options. Consider this blog post the objective voice in your mind that will guide you into making the proper choice.

So let’s assess what we have here…What factors are stalling your decision? Maybe a friend has decided to attend a particular school, and you want to follow them (big mistake, DO NOT). Perhaps your parents want you to go to a different school or major in xyz, and you can only do that at a particular University. Long story short, there are too many voices other than your own that are clouding your judgment. Take the following advice because I was in a similar spot:

First decide which college or university scares you the most based on its rigor. I applied to several rigorous schools including WashU and, well, if you were accepted into WashU, you are attracted to challenges since you have succeeded thus far in high school. But realize that university-level challenges are much different from high school ones. Of course, it wont be easy. But, neither was applying to WashU or your other options. Just think about how long it took you to draft a personal statement. Think about how difficult it was for you to set up the common application and meet document deadlines. Easy is boring, and you’re not boring because you took the strategic way to get into college (I don’t know if there is an easy way, but I am complimenting you, so just go along with it). WashU is strategically challenging and that fact played part in my selecting of Washington University in St. Louis.

My second  tip is to visit the schools you’re choosing between, especially WashU. I visited one of my options in February and loved it. I liked the campus, the people were friendly, and I could see myself belonging on that campus. On a similar, but different, note, I liked the variety of WashU–the paradox of an extremely large campus and small undergraduate student body. The people were kind. Like really nice, which scared me a little. But it’s OK. EXPECT WashU students to be extremely friendly and polite. The students here continued to smile and wave at my mother, brother and I, as though I was already an enrolled student.

My final piece of advice is to reach out to current students at each institution and ask the real questions. If you want to know about financial aid, diversity, and social issues in the school community, just talk to current students.

Why did I choose WashU? I chose WashU because it scared me in terms of rigor, and I knew I could step up to the challenge. I visited WashU and enjoyed the vibe and energy here on campus, especially in Sam Fox. I have a mentor who graduated from WashU and asking her questions about WashU settled any uneasy feelings that I had.

In a way, I hope these three tips serve as a guide for you, as my own individual experience of these three tips truly influenced my decision. Should you develop more questions about WashU, please ask them in the comments of this or any posts on the blog; I can guarantee you that I or another student will answer them for you.

Until next time:

Have a beautiful Day!