Fun Dorm Activities: Baking!

Like many WashU students, one of the things that most drew me to the University when I applied was the South 40. Of course, I thought it was beautiful. The buildings were gorgeous, I loved the twinkly lights at night, and I noticed tons of outdoor common spaces, from tables and chairs to large grass fields.

The South 40 Clocktower, a popular meet-up spot for students

On top of all this, my favorite thing about the 40 was, and continues to be, the community I’ve found there. There’s so much to do, whether it’s running to Bear’s Den to grab a meal and staying for hours talking with friends, buying candy at the student owned and run Bear-y Sweet Shop, or having a karaoke night with my floormates in the common room. This semester, one of my favorite features of residential life has been the kitchens in my dorm building.

Now, you see, I’ve never been one for cooking or baking. However, I was lucky to be randomly assigned a roommate who’s an amazing baker. Though I do not have her skills, we share a deep love for the same baked good: scones.

As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of the food on this campus. One of my favorite food opportunities is Tuesday Tea, during which students gather in the Danforth University Center for two hours each Tuesday to spend time drinking tea, eating scones, and listening to a great playlist of late 90s and early 2000s pop and alternative music. My roommate and I loved attending this event every week in the Fall, but, sadly, our class schedules prevent us from going to Tuesday Tea this semester.

Tisch Commons, where Tuesday Tea takes place

So we decided to bring Tuesday Tea to us. Just not on a Tuesday. And there wasn’t any tea. Basically, we baked scones.

One Saturday this semester, we got a bunch of ingredients from a nearby grocery store for our vanilla scones. We met up with our friend from our building and set up in the first floor kitchen. My roommate guided us through the baking process, teaching us how to create the dough and glaze.

Once we had brought the finished scones up to our room to cool, we reached out to our friends and floor group chat to invite people to what we referred to as our “Scones Extravaganza.” We even made a playlist of our favorite early 2000s hits that we played over a speaker in our room as people began to arrive.

Over the next couple hours, friends from classes, extra-curriculars, and our floor stopped by to hang out and have a scone. Everyone loved the scones (which is 100% due to my roommate’s baking talent) and even complimented the playlist (I’ll take credit for this because I’m truly proud of it).

Our scones!

I know it sounds silly, but the Scones Extravaganza was definitely a highlight of my first year at WashU. It was so nice to see my friends having a good time in my room as they enjoyed one of my favorite foods.

And, who knows? Maybe now I’ll become a bit of a baker myself.