Don’t Be Afraid to Go UP

As a first-generation college student, most of what I know about applying to, attending, and surviving at university is through my own collective experiences. Needless to say…it has been a tremendously bumpy road, but good thing the wilderness must be explored.

Not being able to ask my parents or grandparents how college shaped them, what kind of friends they made, or clubs they joined has essentially pushed me to learn the ins and outs by myself. And for those of you who don’t have a reliable source to fall back on, I want to share a little guidance and wisdom with you.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that adjusting to the idea of asking for help when I need it has been one of my more difficult journeys…(to be honest, I’m still learning). Growing up I never felt comfortable asking for help. My reasoning for this ranged from not feeling worthy of an answer, not knowing how, or not wanting to appear unintelligent.

Looking back, I realized how unhealthy that mindset was and that it has crept into the ways in which I approach issues in my adult life. For instance, when office hours are offered I find ways to talk myself out of going. I turn to reteaching the subject material to myself in order to avoid embarrassment.

With that said, it is ALWAYS okay to ask someone for help, to not understand everything, and to need clarification.

A lot of times, I notice my fear of failure affect my social life. I feel pressure from all sides to be my absolute best and make my family proud, but I’ve learned that I am not here for my family (however, much they love and support me).

I am here for me.

You. Are. Here. For. You.

Please, always remember that. Don’t let your fears hold you back from being happy.

Seek out help.

Relax a bit.

Adventure is out there!