Spirit of Korea 2019: Auditions (Pt. 1)

This is where it all began. A year ago, I took my first steps into the world of dance by halfheartedly auditioning for Spirit of Korea 2018. With the new year comes a new semester of SoK. And already, I can feel that a lot has changed in terms of my mindset.

I went in this semester with newfound confidence — not necessarily in that I thought I would get into a dance, but in that I was excited to audition. Last year, I walked in fearing my inexperience and my inadequacy. What changed was my desire to achieve; that’s what made this round of auditions the most enjoyable out of the ones I’ve done before.

In each audition, you are taught a section of a dance for forty-five minutes. At the end, you perform and record what you have learned, and the choreographers keep these recordings. What never fails to amaze me is the sheer talent of everyone in the room. The student choreographers are often just fellow classmates who enjoy the music; yet they devote time and energy into extensive research and practice to learn and teach a dance to even the newest of dancers. On the other hand, you have the dancers — students who give up an hour of their weekend to go to the workshops and try something they may have never done before. It’s really an amazing environment of passion and effort, which one can experience in just sixty minutes.

I will continue to update on the process of my second Spirit of Korea. This year, I was lucky enough to join a group that will be learning several of 1Million Dance Studio’s choreographies. This is a new experience for me, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while; if you don’t know what 1Million is — check them out on YouTube! You are sure to be amazed 🙂

Going into SoK last year, I never would have thought that I’d be able to dance to any song — let alone something from 1Million. In fact, there were 1Million choreography auditions last year, too, and I was too timid to try out. Every year — every semester — I learn something new about myself. This time around, it’s that I shouldn’t be afraid. College is time of growth, and sometimes, that may involve a little bit of failure. But hey, if you never try … you’ll never know. If I hadn’t been dragged to auditions 12 months ago, I definitely wouldn’t be the person who strolled excitedly into auditions last weekend.