My Favorite Places to Hang Out on Campus!

One of my favorite things about WashU is that there are so many locations on campus designed to foster collaboration and interaction. No matter where I am on campus, I’m always close to a great place to sit down with a friend and chat, do homework, or share a meal. Here are some of my favorite places to hang out at WashU!

The Danforth University Center

The Danforth University Center, or “DUC,” is truly the hub of student life. Tisch Commons, the main seating area in the DUC, is a great place to get lunch, study with friends, or catch one of the many student performances that happen there during the evening. It’s also the site of my favorite WashU tradition, Tuesday Tea, a weekly event during which free tea and scones are served. I also love going to Ibby’s, a delicious sit-down restaurant in the DUC that takes meal points! Definitely try the bananas foster. To top it all off, the Student Life newspaper office is in the DUC. I spend a lot of time there, whether helping to edit the next day’s issue or just chatting with other members of the staff.

Tisch Commons in the DUC!

Bear’s Den

One of the most popular social locations for students, Bear’s Den, known affectionately as “BD,” is a large dining hall on the South 40, our underclassman residential village. In addition to a wide array of food options, BD offers comfy booths, great music, and a high probability of running into a friend while you’re there. And, when it’s nice out, there’s great outdoor seating, complete with magical string lights that brighten up the South 40. Plus, you know those great 2AM conversations about life that people say you’ll have in college? BD’s where that’ll happen. And it’ll probably be while feasting on a plate of famous WashU “half and half”: half chicken tenders, half fries.

Olin Library

Okay, I know this may seem strange.The library? To hang out? Bear with me. What’s so great about Olin Library is that it has so many awesome parts to it. Of course, there’s your quiet and even quieter areas for harcore studying. But there’s really great collaborative spaces too. Whispers Cafe is right by the entrance to the library and is a great place to take a break between classes with friends over a cup of coffee and a fruit tart. There’s also areas in Olin dedicated to group work. One of my favorite times of the week is when I meet a group of my friends during a shared free period between classes to eat breakfast and do homework together.

My Dorm Building

WashU has such wonderful residential life that I love spending time in different parts of Lien House, my dorm building. Whether it’s in my room listening to music with my roommate or playing foosball in the common room with my floormates, spending time in Lien House is always a fun way to relax after a long day. Plus, every week my floor’s WUSAs (Washington University Student Associates), who are volunteer peer mentors dedicated to supporting students during their first year at WahU, host activities in the common room such as karaoke, floor trivia, and craft-making. It’s a great way to get to know your floormates better, and the WUSAs usually bake a great cake for everyone to share.

My dorm!