Free Food at WashU!

There is nothing WashU students love more than free stuff. Whether it’s a t-shirt, drawstring bag, or water bottle, college kids never hesitate to wait in long lines or sign up for email lists in order to get something at no cost, especially if it’s food. Free food is so popular at WashU that there’s even an entire group chat dedicated to it, in which students update each other on upcoming free food events. Luckily, there are many. Here’s a list of some of my favorite free food opportunities on campus:

Tuesday Tea

Every Tuesday from 3-5pm the Danforth University Center serves free tea and scones. I love going with my friends and just spending a few hours relaxing and listening to the signature Tuesday Tea playlist that blasts throughout the building, featuring 1990s and early 2000s pop and alternative hits. Everyone who goes to Tuesday Tea goes for a peaceful, enjoyable time, so it’s always a great environment to be in.

(The Danforth University Center- site of Tuesday Tea! WUSTL Photos)


At least once a week Ursa’s, a social programming club, hosts free evening events for students in their own, beautifully decorated venue on the South 40, the underclassman residential area. These events include fun activities and tons of free food, including fondue night, a gingerbread house building competition, a Harry Potter extravaganza, and chocolate making for Valentine’s Day.

Social Programming Board (SPB) Happy Hour

SPB Happy Hour is a great way to get an early dinner and have a fun time without spending any money. Every Thursday at 5:30pm the Social Programming Board hosts a “Happy Hour,” serving pizza, cookies, and chips to hungry students. However, the food isn’t the only draw of the event. Students tend to stick around even after they’ve finished their food to listen to student bands play live throughout the hour.

DUC N’Donuts

Running late to class and don’t have time to get your morning coffee? Just grab one on the way at DUC N’Donuts! Every first Friday of the month at 9am, free coffee and donuts are served outside of the Danforth University Center (DUC). It’s always a nice way to start your morning!

Reading Week

Reading Week, the days leading up to finals each semester, are usually not a big favorite for most people. But, honestly, I love it, and that’s because of all the free food. WashU does a great job of making the week fun and providing opportunities to de-stress. Free goodies last semester included cookie ice cream sandwiches, hot chocolate, and a midnight breakfast feast. You could even make your own stuffed bear, all for free. How cute is that?!

Literally just all the time

I’ve listed only a few of the many chances for free food at WashU. Clubs are always handing out snacks to promote themselves, residential colleges host numerous catered get-togethers, and big social events such as WILD (our semesterly concert on the quad) and tailgates always feature tasty delights. You’ll never be without a treat in hand. Good thing we have such great gyms!

(Some delicious truffle fries at an event welcoming our new chancellor, Andrew Martin, to campus- there were tons of food trucks serving free pizza, crepes, and more!)