Fierce as the Freezing Snow

Dear Snow,

You are just as beautiful as I imagined you to be, however, there are a few issues that I have concerning you.

Coming from a southern girl who has had little experience with you, I want to start off letting you know that the little contact with frozen ice that I’ve had previously in my life does not hold a candle to your flames…or a snowflake to your mounds of snow?

(That sounded better in my head…)

I quite awkwardly admit that maybe I like the fact that you’re different, but we have to work on your people skills. ASAP.

You haphazardly blow into my eyes without any warning, and fly into my mouth at the most inopportune moments. You even managed to land on my eyelashes, but not in the soft, idealistic way seen in movies, but in the invading way that accompanies water once it goes down the windpipe instead of the esophagus.

You are not as gentle as you seem. You are quite fierce and violent in how you allow your snowflakes to fall upon the earth. I was quite appalled at how viciously the wind swept you into my unsuspecting, and uncovered, face.

And with the famous words of a tiny red dragon I say, “Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family [of snowflakes]! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!”

I wish that upon meeting you I had produced an umbrella and combatted your attack. However, I was in a hurry and my umbrella was tucked away inside of my backpack.

I underestimated your power, but no matter how the wind howls the mountain cannot bow to it. Fortunately, I was able to get a great picture as you melted away, and for that I want to say thank you!